District Staff - Meet The Folks Who Serve You!

Kenneth Cooper
International Vice President, Fourth District


The Fourth District Staff at the 2014 Progress Meeting, 1st row L to R Cory McCray, Dale McCray, Lynda Wenzel, 4th District Secretary Kim Westerholm,
Jon Rosenberg, Frank Cloud, 
Ron Ols, Bert McDermitt, 2nd row L to R Ted Robison, Dave Moran, Gary Osborne, Dave Appleman,
International Vice President Kenny Cooper,
Jim Kauffman, Chuck Tippie, Steve Crum, Bill Dietz, Don Vidourek, not pictured Neil Gray, and Brian Malloy.

Vice President Cooper and his staff are proud to serve the Men and Women of the Fourth District,
a job that often takes them away from home and their families.
Let them know you appreciate their work and get to know them. They have families just like you
and understand the issues of working people in today's economy.