Training & Education

For information on any of the classes listed or to schedule a class, please contact your Local Union Business Manager or a Business Representative.

  • Code of Excellence Training - 
    The Code of Excellence is a program designed to bring out the best in our members and demonstrate to our customers/employers that IBEW members perform the highest quality and quantity of work; utilize their skills and abilities to the maximum; and exercise safe and productive work practices.

  • COMET Training -
    This training provides the basic knowledge of what unions are all about, i.e., representing all workers in the electrical construction industry and how that enables us to negotiate better wages, benefits and working conditions, while providing signatory contractors the ability to bid projects on a level playing field. 

  • COMET II Training -
    This training provides information and basic skills to those members who want to assist the local leadership build a stronger local by becoming activists in organizing new members and contractors.

  • Construction Steward Training - 
    This course provides working electricians an opportunity to understand the responsibilities of a job site steward, as well as how to assist the Business Manager with building solidarity and professionalism on the job site. Stewards are trained in grievance investigation procedures as well as Code of Excellence principles. 

  • Diversity and Full Inclusion -
    This training is designed to build a culture of inclusiveness within the IBEW and its Local Unions that recognizes and embraces each member’s unique contributions and talents while providing an opportunity for each member to reach his or her highest potential. Participants are asked to see diversity as a valuable resource and to understand that the benefits of a fully inclusive organization is a critical component for continued growth within the labor movement. 
  • Leadership Training - 
    This training course is designed for newly and re-elected local union officers.  This program is designed to help the local union leader understand his or her role in growing and servicing the local union and 
    its members.
  • Local Union Election Training - 
    This presentation provides the key ingredients to the local union election process to insure a a fair election.

  • Member to Future Member Training -
    This training is designed to give all of us the tools and skills that are necessary to feel confident in carrying out our responsibility of being grass roots organizers and truly fulfilling our obligation to the IBEW. 

  • New Business Manager Training -
    This two week program is conducted by the Education Department. New Business Managers attend one week of training shortly after being elected. Training includes the administrative requirements of their position as well as focusing on the handling of finances. The second week of training (held later during their first year in office) focuses on improving communications, leadership and bargaining skills of Business Managers.
  • New Member Orientation - 
    This course is designed to make our new members feel welcome, while helping them understand the value and functions of their union. It also provides insights into the collective bargaining agreement; their wage and benefit package; training opportunities; the IBEW Constitution; LU Bylaws; Dues Structure; Cope /PAC information; the Referral Policy (for Construction members); Trial Board procedures; Organizing; Annual IBEW Events (Local Picnic; Old Timer’s Night); Service to the Local (Picket Duty, etc.); Weingarten Rights; and much more pertaining to their particular local union. 

  • P&I Steward Training - 
    This course provides our members with the information to understand 
    the responsibilities of the shop steward, as well as how to assist the Business Manager in building solidarity and professionalism in the worksite. The IBEW Constitution, LU Bylaws, collective bargaining agreement and grievance investigation procedures are also covered during the training.